1. Genetic Assimilation of an Acquired Character

    C. H. Waddington;
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  2. Nalidixic acid resistance: A second genetic character involved in DNA gyrase activity

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  3. Quantitative Genetic Models for the Coevolution of Character Displacement

    Mark L. Taper; Ted J. Chase;
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  4. An Explicit Genetic Model for Ecological Character Displacement

    Michael Doebeli;
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  5. The genetic and environmental relationship between Cloninger's dimensions of temperament and character

    Nathan A Gillespie; C.Robert Cloninger; Andrew C Heath; Nicholas G Martin;
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  6. Paternal genetic contribution to offspring condition predicted by size of male secondary sexual character

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  7. The genetic basis of developmental stability. V. Inter- and intra-individual character variation

    Geoffrey M Clarke;
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  8. Genetic Architecture, Genetic Behavior, and Character Evolution

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  9. Genetic Architecture, Genetic Behavior, and Character Evolution

    G Moreno;
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  10. On the eigenvalue distribution of genetic and phenotypic dispersion matrices: Evidence for a nonrandom organization of quantitative character variation

    G. P. Wagner;
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