1. Detection of Escherichia coli serogroup O103 by real-time polymerase chain reaction

    S. Perelle; F. Dilasser; J. Grout; P. Fach;
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  2. Role of Tir and Intimin in the Virulence of Rabbit Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Serotype O103:H2

    O. Marches; J.-P. Nougayrede; S. Boullier; J. Mainil; G. Charlier; I. Raymond; P. Pohl; M. Boury; J. De Rycke; A. Milon; E. Oswald;
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  3. Tracking verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli O157, O26, O111, O103 and O145 in Irish cattle

    K.M. Thomas; M.S. McCann; M.M. Collery; A. Logan; P. Whyte; D.A. McDowell; G. Duffy;
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  4. Clonal diversity of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O103:H2/H− in Germany

    Rita Prager; Almut Liesegang; W. Voigt; W. Rabsch; Angelika Fruth; H. Tschäpe;
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  5. Antibiotic resistance and molecular epidemiology of Escherichia coli O26, O103 and O145 shed by two cohorts of Scottish beef cattle

    L. Vali; A. Hamouda; D. V. Hoyle; M. C. Pearce; L. H. R. Whitaker; C. Jenkins; H. I. Knight; A. W. Smith; S. G. B. Amyes;
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  6. An outbreak of Escherichia coli O103:H25 — Bacteriological investigations and genotyping of isolates from food

    Camilla Sekse; Kristin O'Sullivan; Per Einar Granum; Liv Marit Rørvik; Yngvild Wasteson; Hannah Joan Jørgensen;
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  7. Occurrence of Potentially Human-Pathogenic Escherichia coli O103 in Norwegian Sheep

    C. Sekse; M. Sunde; P. Hopp; T. Bruheim; K. S. Cudjoe; B. Kvitle; A. M. Urdahl;
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  8. Novel differential and confirmation plating media for Shiga toxin-producingEscherichia coliserotypes O26, O103, O111, O145 and sorbitol-positive and -negative O157

    Björn Possé; Lieven De Zutter; Marc Heyndrickx; Lieve Herman;
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  9. Prevalence and Virulence Factors of Escherichia coli Serogroups O26, O103, O111, and O145 Shed by Cattle in Scotland

    M. C. Pearce; J. Evans; I. J. McKendrick; A. W. Smith; H. I. Knight; D. J. Mellor; M. E. J. Woolhouse; G. J. Gunn; J. C. Low;
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  10. Occurrence and virulence patterns of E. coli O26, O103, O111 and O145 in slaughter cattle

    M.A. Joris; D. Pierard; L. De Zutter;
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