1. Soil bacterial and fungal communities across a pH gradient in an arable soil

    Johannes Rousk; Erland Bååth; Philip C Brookes; Christian L Lauber; Catherine Lozupone; J Gregory Caporaso; Rob Knight; Noah Fierer;
    ISME J - 被引用次数:557 时间:2010 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  2. An extraction method for measuring soil microbial biomass C

    E.D. Vance; P.C. Brookes; D.S. Jenkinson;
    SOIL BIOL BIOCHEM - 被引用次数:4341 时间:1987 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  3. Chloroform fumigation and the release of soil nitrogen: A rapid direct extraction method to measure microbial biomass nitrogen in soil

    P.C. Brookes; Andrea Landman; G. Pruden; D.S. Jenkinson;
    SOIL BIOL BIOCHEM - 被引用次数:2054 时间:1985 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  4. Pyrosequencing-Based Assessment of Soil pH as a Predictor of Soil Bacterial Community Structure at the Continental Scale

    C. L. Lauber; M. Hamady; R. Knight; N. Fierer;
    APPL ENVIRON MICROBIOL - 被引用次数:823 时间:2009 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  5. Relationship between soil respiration and soil moisture

    Valerie A. Orchard; F.J. Cook;
    SOIL BIOL BIOCHEM - 被引用次数:416 时间:1983 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  6. Soil moisture retrieval from space: the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission

    Y.H. Kerr; P. Waldteufel; J.-P. Wigneron; J. Martinuzzi; J. Font; M. Berger;
    IEEE TRANS GEOSCI REMOT SEN - 被引用次数:674 时间:2001 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  7. A history of research on the link between (micro)aggregates, soil biota, and soil organic matter dynamics

    J Six; H Bossuyt; S Degryze; K Denef;
    SOIL TILL RES - 被引用次数:758 时间:2004 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  8. A soil-adjusted vegetation index (SAVI...

    A.R Huete;
    REMOTE SENS ENVIRON - 被引用次数:1545 时间:1988 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  9. Soil biodiversity and soil community composition determine ecosystem multifunctionality

    C. Wagg; S. F. Bender; F. Widmer; M. G. A. van der Heijden;
    PROC NAT ACAD SCI USA - 被引用次数:111 时间:2014 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  10. On the Temperature Dependence of Soil Respiration

    J. Lloyd; J. A. Taylor;
    FUNCT ECOL - 被引用次数:1715 时间:1994 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
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