1. Beyond insecticides: new thinking on an ancient problem

    Elizabeth A. McGraw; Scott L. O'Neill;
    NAT REV MICROBIOL - 被引用次数:108 时间:2013 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  2. Speciation in ancient lakes

    Koen Martens;
    TREND ECOL EVOLUT - 被引用次数:125 时间:1997 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  3. Revisiting the ancient concept of botanical therapeutics

    Barbara M Schmidt; David M Ribnicky; Peter E Lipsky; Ilya Raskin;
    NAT CHEM BIOL - 被引用次数:136 时间:2007 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  4. Cytochrome bsequences of ancient cattle and wild ox support phylogenetic complexity in the ancient and modern bovine populations

    F. Stock; C. J. Edwards; R. Bollongino; E. K. Finlay; J. Burger; D. G. Bradley;
    被引用次数:22 时间:2009 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  5. Ancient Geodynamics and Global-Scale Hydrology on Mars

    R. J. Phillips;
    SCIENCE - 被引用次数:283 时间:2001 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  6. Ancient Ciphers: Translation in Archaea

    Patrick P Dennis;
    CELL - 被引用次数:121 时间:1997 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  7. The Ancient Drug Salicylate Directly Activates AMP-Activated Protein Kinase

    S. A. Hawley; M. D. Fullerton; F. A. Ross; J. D. Schertzer; C. Chevtzoff; K. J. Walker; M. W. Peggie; D. Zibrova; K. A. Green; K. J. Mustard; B. E. Kemp; K. Sakamoto; G. R. Steinberg; D. G. Hardie;
    SCIENCE - 被引用次数:243 时间:2012 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  8. Ancient aqueous sedimentation on Mars

    Jules M. Goldspiel; Steven W. Squyres;
    ICARUS - 被引用次数:120 时间:1991 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  9. The Crystal Structure of (S)-3-O-Geranylgeranylglyceryl Phosphate Synthase Reveals an Ancient Fold for an Ancient Enzyme

    J. Payandeh;
    J BIOL CHEM - 被引用次数:26 时间:2005 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  10. Reconstruction of Ancient Molecular Phylogeny

    Roderic Guigo; Ilya Muchnik; Temple F. Smith;
    MOL PHYLOGENET EVOL - 被引用次数:116 时间:1996 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
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