1. Periodontal-derived cells attach to cementum attachment protein via alpha5beta1 integrin

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  2. Equation of motion coupled cluster method for electron attachment

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  3. Attachment. Right of Fraudulent Grantor's Creditor to Attach Property in the Possession of Grantee's Administrator

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  4. P.161 Cranial magnet attachment (CMA): A new magnetic system to attach hairpieces to the scalp

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  5. Electron attachment to chlorofluoromethanes using the electron‐swarm method

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  6. A core-attachment based method to detect protein complexes in PPI networks

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  7. Adult attachment representations, parental responsiveness, and infant attachment: A meta-analysis on the predictive validity of the Adult Attachment Interview.

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  8. Attachment. Garnishment. Right of Judgment Creditor to Attach Savings Bank Trust Interest Held by Debtor and Another Jointly

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  10. A novel method for surface modification to promote cell attachment to hydrophobic substrates

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