1. Genetic Basis of Drought Resistance at Reproductive Stage in Rice: Separation of Drought Tolerance From Drought Avoidance

    B. Yue;
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  2. Differentially expressed genes between drought-tolerant and drought-sensitive barley genotypes in response to drought stress during the reproductive stage

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  3. Regional Drought Assessment Based on the Reconnaissance Drought Index (RDI...

    G. Tsakiris; D. Pangalou; H. Vangelis;
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  4. Towards pan-European drought risk maps: quantifying the link between drought indices and reported drought impacts

    Veit Blauhut; Lukas Gudmundsson; Kerstin Stahl;
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  5. Mechanisms of plant survival and mortality during drought: why do some plants survive while others succumb to drought?

    Nate McDowell; William T. Pockman; Craig D. Allen; David D. Breshears; Neil Cobb; Thomas Kolb; Jennifer Plaut; John Sperry; Adam West; David G. Williams; Enrico A. Yepez;
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  6. Drought Tolerance and Antioxidant Activities in Lavender Plants Colonized by Native Drought-tolerant or Drought-sensitive Glomus Species

    A. Marulanda; R. Porcel; J. M. Barea; R. Azcón;
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  7. Do plants remember drought? Hints towards a drought-memory in grasses

    Julia Walter; Laura Nagy; Roman Hein; Uwe Rascher; Carl Beierkuhnlein; Evelin Willner; Anke Jentsch;
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  8. A New Global 0.5° Gridded Dataset (1901–2006) of a Multiscalar Drought Index: Comparison with Current Drought Index Datasets Based on the Palmer Drought Severity Index

    S. M. Vicente-Serrano; S. Beguería; J. I. López-Moreno; M. Angulo; A. El Kenawy;
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  9. Temperature sensitivity of drought-induced tree mortality portends increased regional die-off under global-change-type drought

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  10. Influence of drought stress on the cellular ultrastructure and antioxidant system in leaves of drought-tolerant and drought-sensitive apple rootstocks

    Shuncai Wang; Dong Liang; Chao Li; Yonglu Hao; Fengwang Ma; Huairui Shu;
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