1. Weighted kappa: Nominal scale agreement provision for scaled disagreement or partial credit.

    Jacob Cohen;
    PSYCHOL BULL - 被引用次数:3179 时间:1968 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
  2. The Provision of Incentives in Firms

    Canice Prendergast;
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  3. On the private provision of public goods

    Theodore Bergstrom; Lawrence Blume; Hal Varian;
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  4. A survey of trust and reputation systems for online service provision

    Audun Jøsang; Roslan Ismail; Colin Boyd;
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  5. B cells regulate autoimmunity by provision of IL-10

    Simon Fillatreau; Claire H. Sweenie; Mandy J. McGeachy; David Gray; Stephen M. Anderton;
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  6. Aggregation and Linearity in the Provision of Intertemporal Incentives

    Bengt Holmstrom; Paul Milgrom;
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  7. Experiments on the Provision of Public Goods. II. Provision Points, Stakes, Experience, and the Free-Rider Problem

    Gerald Marwell; Ruth E. Ames;
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  8. Reference Points and Effort Provision

    Johannes Abeler; Armin Falk; Lorenz Goette; David Huffman;
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  9. The provision of a sanctioning system as a public good.

    Toshio Yamagishi;
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  10. Public goods provision in an experimental environment

    R. Mark Isaac; Kenneth F. McCue; Charles R. Plott;
    J PUBLIC ECON - 被引用次数:185 时间:1985 导出 [打开HTML->sci-hub]
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